Broodmare Insurance

Owners know that the odds of a loss involving a broodmare always seem to affect those in which the biggest investment has been made in terms of time, effort and financial commitment. The risks are heightened by a number of factors that can affect the mare herself, including her ability to get in foal – or not – and produce a live foal and see it safely through its early development.

As horse insurance specialists, we know the risks and the importance of local factors and understand that no two horses, or situations, are alike. So we offer a range of broodmare insurances to take care of every aspect – from mortality and theft to mare barrenness and prospective foal cover – each tailored to a specific horse and to meet your special requirements.

Understandably, broodmares are at most risk during pregnancy and foaling when veterinary care can prove costly. We provide a complete range of cover options from transit insurance to meeting the costs of life saving or colic surgery. We also offer prospective foal insurance covering the foal in utero and in the event that it is not alive at the expiry of the policy, as well as options to insure against many other risks confronting a mare and foal.

Missing a breeding season can prove costly, not just in terms of wasted transport, keep and veterinary fees but also the value of the planned foal. Amlin Plus’ mare barrenness insurance is the breeder’s protection against this unwelcome eventuality. Cover can also include insurance against twin pregnancy and the failure to deliver a live foal.

Amlin Plus is able to provide peace of mind and financial security for individual owners and studs for which we can provide stallion insurance and cover for visiting mares, as well as for foals, yearlings and boarding racehorses, including transit cover.

To discuss your options please contact our expert team who always aim to provide the ultimate personal service in a timely manner.


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